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Phillip Jeffries Bermuda Hemp

July 9, 2017

Phillip Jeffries Bermuda Hemp

The focal point of every home is the living room & dining room where entertaining and relaxing go hand-in-hand.  To begin with, designing the ideal living and dining room starts with selecting the right wallpaper:-).  In this case the interior designer selected Bermuda Hemp 5260 Elephant from specialist wallpaper manufacturer, Phillip Jeffries.

With an elegantly woven pattern and subtle colouring, this wallpaper perfectly complements the remainder of the room, creating both a unique and modern aesthetic.  As a general rule, it is best to choose a wallpaper that unites the various colours of the room, rather than dominating it.  This wallpaper is no exception.  Containing a variety of blues, greys, browns and whites, the largely subdued colours of this living room are well complemented by this design.

Beyond just the colours in the room, choosing the ideal wallpaper also requires considering the textures and patterns of the furniture when implementing the right design

In this living room, many of the textures bear resemblance to the intricate woven pattern of the Bermuda Hemp wallpaper.  This is not by coincidence. Consequently, the similar yet distinct textures present across the space and the wallpaper serves as a unifying presence.  This unifying presence makes for a simplistic yet gorgeous design.  It forms the living room fit for both relaxation and entertaining in equal measure.

Founded in 1976 by Chairman Eric Bershad, Phillip Jeffries has emerged as an industry leader in creating the finest hand-crafted wallcoverings.   Featuring just 10 designs in the early days of its founding, the company now offers over 1,100 natural designs.  As a result, these designs have a wide range of colours and styles, enough to perfectly match any room.   Phillip Jeffries works closely with artisans and craftsmen, ensuring that every design is beautifully unique.  Therefore, this gorgeous Bermuda Hemp Elephant design is no exception.


Written By: Guy Painter, Calgary, AB

Interior Design: Stone Creek Interiors, Calgary, AB

Professional Wallpaper Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary, AB & Kelowna, BC

Photography Credit: Lindsay Nichols Photography, Calgary, AB