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Phillip Jeffries Tailored Linens Graphite

October 6, 2017

Phillip Jeffries Tailored Linens Graphite

In business for over 40 years, Phillip Jeffries is well-known for creating some of the best wallcovering products on the market.  The New Jersey based team has many different types of wallcoverings available, including print, textile, silk, grasscloth and more.  These selections have great designs and colours available.  Thus, Phillip Jeffries has no lack of inspiration when it comes to decorating the home.

Today the focus is on the Tailored Linens collection, and its unique Graphite design.  This is stunning paperbacked fabric for the walls.  Tailored Linens Graphite 5359 is a stylish and sophisticated wallcovering, well-suited to any room in the home.  Its dark colours and subtle patterns add a classy touch to every space.  Unlike brighter wallcoverings, Tailored Linens does not dominate its surroundings, but instead blends in seamlessly while still catching the eye.  The versatility of this wallcovering is not just limited to darker spaces, as Tailored Linens Graphite pairs well with brighter colours too.As in the image above, the visual appeal of this luxury wallcovering is further enhanced when exposed to natural lighting.  This makes Tailored Linens an ideal choice for both living rooms and bedrooms, and this brightening affect helps create energetic or relaxing moods depending on the type of day.Tailored Linens Graphite is a perfect example of what home designers or fashion designers have known for years: grey goes with everything.  Whether paired with hardwood flooring, white tile or bright carpet, Graphite will match it.  This wallcovering is as versatile as it is stylish, and doesn’t look out of place in any part of the home.

With all grasscloth, natural fibre, or fabric backed wallcovering installations, Drop Wallcoverings cares about product layout and balancing panels on each wall.Like all Phillip Jeffries wallcoverings, Tailored Linens is the result of many hours spent working together with skilled artisans and designers from across the globe.  While this process can take a great deal of time, Phillip Jeffries considers it crucial in creating fine wallcoverings.  Founded over 40 years ago from humble beginnings, the New Jersey-based company stocks over a million yards of wallcoverings at any time – with many able to ship out the same day.  Phillip Jeffries also pledges to plant a tree for every order made with the company, and through partnership with environmental organizations has already planted over 50,000 trees to date.


Client: Private Residence, Calgary, AB

Interior Design Firm: Cridland Associates Ltd.

Renovation Specialist/ Contractor: Triangle Enterprises Ltd. 

Professional Wallpaper Installation: Drop Wallcoverings

Photography Credit: Lindsay Nichols Photography