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Black Edition Astratto Luiza Solent

December 30, 2017

A contemporary take on a classic floral, this beautiful wallcovering from the Astratto Collection by Black Edition is a breath of fresh air in every space.  Known as the Luiza Solent, this wallcovering is digitally printed with flashes of brilliant colour.  These colours combine turquoise and green with white and gold, bringing a sense of spring wherever it is displayed.

This wallcovering instantly becomes the focal point of any space.  Especially suited for bedrooms and other places of relaxation, these spring-like colours give a welcome touch of brightness and style.

These bright colours are seen within a unique floral pattern, offering beauty and calm in every glance.  When complimented by furniture featuring greys, blues and whites, the end result is stunning.  These images show how effortlessly the Luiza Solent wallcovering provides beauty and calm, essential for any space of relaxation.

Black Edition also offers several related designs in the Astratto Wallcoverings selection; including Stone, Zinnia, Dove and Mimosa.  Each of these designs is wonderfully unique, but all have one thing in common – beauty.

Looking closely at the floral pattern shows depth and vivid colours in equal measure.  The pale white roses, the bright green leaves and soft blues all combine with stunning effect.  When adorning a bedroom, this wallcovering almost gives one a sense of falling asleep under a forest canopy in springtime.  Few other wallcoverings can provide such a profound effect so effortlessly.

This Luiza Solent wallpaper has over a century of collective experience and inspiration.  Founded in 1902, the British-based wallcovering manufacturer Romo remains a family business even today.

The Luiza Solent design is one of many offered by Black Edition.  A wallcovering collection by Romo, Black Edition offers a variety of designs with rich, modern elegance.  Created for the luxury interiors market, Black Edition blends unique textures, traditional weaving techniques and artistic effects with a visionary colour palette.


Written By:  Guy Paynter

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography

Wallcovering Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallpaper Installer