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Area Environments Eric Blum N*596

March 23, 2018

Area Environments Eric Blum

Reception spaces form the basis of a persons’ first impression of any business.  The cool blues and warm off whites featured within this space imbue a sense of comfort.  These hues act in harmony and provide guests with a warm embrace, and set their minds at ease.  This Area Environments Eric Blum wall mural set the stage for this reception space.  

Cool, Calm, and Collected.

With its abstracted pattern and soft gradient, this wall mural from Area Environments’ artist Eric Blum acts as both a sublime backdrop and focal point for this space.  Featured here from Blum’s collection is N*596.  It is perfect example of his thoughtful and psychologically stimulating work.

Blum’s paintings embody the sensation of a fleeting image.  With no definite focal point within the mural, N*596 allows the mind to wander.  This installation is full of gentle texture and is perfectly complimented by the luxurious designer pillows.  These pillows bring the mural to life, and embody the gentle movement of the wall art.
Furthermore, the designer chairs within the space further embrace the mural.  With gentle curves and a subtle off white hue, they appear as clouds amongst a stormy skyline.  With their chrome legs reflecting the beautifully textured carpet, the chairs even appear to float along the wall.  In juxtaposition to the organic forms within the wall art, the side table and lamp possess a much more linear form.  These objects appear as abstracted timbers within a cloudy forest.

Founded in 2012 by Jamie Reich, Area Environments is dedicated to the creation of visually compelling works of art, and to the timeless craft of wall coverings.  In the 6 years since its creation, Area Environments is now home to over 20 artists – each with their own bold and unique sense of style.  As a result, Area Environments has a beautifully diverse portfolio, with something to accent any space.  Eric Blum’s wallpaper is no exception.  His soothing, and intrinsically peaceful style is demonstrated wonderfully in N*596, which has turned this reception area into a wonderfully serene space.


Written By: Mike Mcleod, Calgary, AB

Project: Summit Memorials, Calgary, AB

Wallcovering Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallpaper Installer

Interior Design: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography