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JF Fabrics Chatsworth Wallpaper

April 5, 2018

JF Fabrics Chatsworth Wallpaper

The bedroom is the sanctuary within the shell of the home.  It is a private retreat for its users – a reprieve from the hustle and bustle of daily life.  This master bedroom is designed by Decorate with Kate, Decorating Den Interiors.

A subtle yet elegant wall covering, pattern No. 8043 from the Chatsworth by JF Fabrics sets the tone for this master bedroom.  This pattern provides the perfect dose of sophistication and luxury to this elegant room setting.

Refined Structure, Subtle Elegance

With it’s softly contrasting neutral tones, this member of the Chatsworth collection by JF Fabrics acts as the ideal backdrop to this master bedroom.  Sharing a similar palette to the primary wall color within the master bedroom, this trellis pattern melds effortlessly into the environment.  As a non-woven material, this material seams almost flawlessly.  The ivory tones within the trellis project the pattern to the foreground, and into the space.   The subtle pop of white provides the Chatsworth pattern with a bold, yet genteel presence.JF Fabrics Chatsworth Wallpaper by Drop Wallcoverings Calgary and Kelowna Wallpaper Installer

The designer linens and side table’s accent the ivory found within the trellis.  These off-white features project a sense of order and elegance.  The linens, especially the lavender blushed pillows, also acts as the ideal compliment to the metallic accents throughout this master bedroom.

The geometrical trellis structure within the wallpaper is accentuated by the quartet of mirrors set along the feature wall.  This geometric presence can be further felt through the chrome canopy bed frame.  The canopy frame seems to float effortlessly above the inviting linens and designer pillows.  t provides a subtle sense of enclosure within the master bedroom.

The matte gold finishes found accenting the bedroom brings forth a pleasant degree of warmth from JF Fabrics Chatsworth.  This warmth lightens the feeling of the bedroom, and creates a visually calming environment.JF Fabrics Chatsworth Wallpaper 8043 91W7671 by Drop Wallcoverings Calgary and Kelowna Wallpaper Installer.

The Chatsworth collection by JF Fabrics features over 30 selections of timeless wall coverings, all made in Germany.  From the No. 8043 – 44 series pattern featured in this master bedroom, to neutral toned floral and paisley prints; any member of the Chatsworth collection will be an elegant addition to your home.


Written By:  Mike McLeod

Wallpaper: JF Fabrics #8043 91W7671 

Wallpaper Installation: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallpaper Installations

Interior Design: Decorate with Kate, Decorating Den Interiors

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography