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TRI-KES Paragon Cherish

April 22, 2018

TRI-KES Paragon

Featured within this bathroom is yet another innovative and stylish product from TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08, from the Paragon collection, is a wonderfully textured and visually dynamic wallcovering.  TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08 provides this bathroom with the perfect dose of metallic shine and helps turn this bathroom into both a memorable, and timeless space.  This beautiful powder room was designed by the very talented Calgary Interior Design firm Cridland & Associates Ltd.Stylish and sustainable.

With its subtle dimensional stitching and chic copper finish, TRI-KES’ Cherish is stunning at any distance.

The gentle shine from the metallic finish plays beautifully with the designer lighting featured within this bathroom.  The small-scale cubic pattern along the polyester facing adds a delightful dose of warmth to the bathroom.TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08 wallcovering installation in luxury powder room by Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallpaper Installer.This specialty wallcovering allows the simply stunning vanity to remain the focal point of the room.   The subtle copper shimmer allows Cherish to accent the vanity, without distracting the eye from the fantastic illusion of depth created by the high gloss millwork finish.The dimensional nature of TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08 adds both peripheral depth and a refined degree of texture to the bathroom.  Cherish acts in perfect juxtaposition to the metallic fixtures and reflective vanity. It creates textural balance and emanates an air of timeless class.TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08 wallcovering installation in luxury powder room by Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallpaper Installer.Founded in 1997, TRI-KES is a wallcovering supplier dedicated to sustainability.  As an environmentally responsible company, TRI-KES strives to provide a wide variety of innovative, yet timeless products.

The Paragon collection of wall coverings, designed by Source One Wall Coverings, is no exception.  The wall coverings within this collection are 100% LEED compliant, and meet LEEDs MR 4 requirements for recycled content. SPR – 08 is composed of 60% recycled paper, 22%v of which is actually post consumer recycled content.The classic metallic face of TRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08 is made of 100% polyester.  This polyester content makes this the Paragon series water –repellent, and perfect for splash – prone environments.


Written By: Mike Mcleod

Wallcovering Product: TTRI-KES Paragon Cherish SPR-08

Interior Design: Cridland & Associates Ltd.

Wallpaper Installation: Drop Wallcoverings

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography