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Wallquest Alloy

September 4, 2018

Wallquest Alloy, Platinum Classical IT80500

The featured wallpaper in this living room is from Wallquest Alloy in Platinum Classical IT80500.  This subtle and innovative design showcases the avant-garde quality products Wallquest has gained international recognition for.  Wallquest has been focused on wallpaper development and design since the 1820s.  Since the beginning, their unwavering product innovation, quality, colour and design has been a staple in many homes around the world.

This Platinum Classical wallpaper is the perfect example of their quality work.  This wallpaper contains a two-tone, subtle beige and cream swirl background.  When looking closely at the pattern, the wallpaper additionally features fine vertical lines ascending throughout the swirls.  Showcasing the intricate detailed design, quality and innovation Wallquest exudes in their products.

Eye Catching

The fireplace can be argued as the focal point of a room.  In this space, the room carries a tone on tone aesthetic.  The wallpaper does not stray away from the colour scheme used in the rest of the space.  Instead, it successfully brings attention to the fireplace from the rest of the space without heavy exaggeration.  The Platinum Classical IT80500 catches the eye of the viewer and acts as a pop of pattern against the tone on tone aesthetic of the room.  Though it’s design is eye-catching, it does not take away from the rest of the space.Wallquest Alloy, Platinum Classical IT80500 by Drop Wallcoverings Calgary and Kelowna Wallpaper Installer

Completed Elegance

Instead, this traditional living room’s soft and natural aesthetic completes the space with elegance.  The subtle details of the Platinum Classical IT80500, mixed with the natural light cascading into this living space, further invites the warm and earthy tone on tone design of the space and solidifies the living room’s aesthetic.  Additionally, the wallpaper design brings minimalistic elegance to the space – allowing the fireplace to have minor décor on its mantle.  Overall, the space feels comforting and inviting without straying from elegant design.

Wallquest’s unwavering dedication to tradition, innovation, quality and product design are fully seen in the Platinum Classical IT80500. And its ability to bring these core values to life into this living space.


Written By: Tatiana Bacalso

Installation By: Drop Wallcoverings, Calgary & Kelowna Wallcovering Installer

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography