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Arte Heliodor Cube

November 29, 2018

Arte Heliodor Cube

Arte Wallcoverings is a company serving Zonhoven, Belgium.  They provide luxurious wallcoverings worldwide.  This wallcovering installed in this powder room is from the collection called Heliodor.  Focused on creating an illusion of depth, Arte’s had artist, Maurits Escher, create this design to try and transcend the limits of 2-dimensional surface. Arte Heliodor Cube is one of many beautiful geometric designed wallcoverings from this collection.  The manufacturer’s story provides an example of how much goes into creating this beautiful design:

‘Heliodor (‘helios’ is Greek for sun) is a sunny yellow shade of beryl, a precious gem that is less well known than stones such as emerald. The most amazing feature of this wallcovering is the fact that it is handmade. The basis is irregularly woven sisal in one colour. One of the threads however, has a subtle glow and the warp and weft varies, to produce a myriad of gorgeous colour gradations. In the next step, a pattern is cut from the sisal with painstaking accuracy. This must be done very carefully so that the fabric does not unravel. The cut-out elements are then combined and glued in a pattern to give a ‘trompe l’œil effect. Varying the angle of the weave has created incredible effects of depth and relief.’ – Arte.

The Arte Heliodor Cube wallcovering was selected as part of this stunning powder room design by Cridland Associates Ltd.  They paired it with an elegant marble flooring and wall tile.  This powder room is both luxurious and stylish.


Wallcovering Product:  Arte Halidor Cube 49006

Professional Paperhanger:  Drop Wallcoverings

Interior Design: Douglas Cridland,  Cridland Associates Ltd

Contractor/Builder: Empire Custom Homes

Photography:  Lindsay Nichols Photography