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Arte Wallcoverings – Masquerade Uni

September 3, 2017

Arte Wallcoverings – Masquerade Uni

Passionate creators of luxury wallcoverings for over three decades, Belgian designers Arte Wallcoverings have recently released a new must-see collection. Striking colours, rich patterns and stunning finishes define Masquerade, a high-end wallcovering collection with designs perfect for all spaces in the home. Adorning this luxurious powder room is Uni, one of the two sophisticated patterns found within the Masquerade collection.With a distinct luster and rich colour, this wallcovering demands ample attention.  Yet it offers much more in return. Establishing an executive touch to this powder room, this charcoal black Uni design exudes luxury in a way unmatched by other wallcoverings.  This elegant feel is inspired by a unique artistic style known as the moiré effect.

In this instance, the French term refers to the pattern that is created when two threads are overlaid at an angle.  By weaving the threads of the fabric over each other continuously, a moiré pattern is formed.

In the Uni design of the Masquerade collection, moiré patterns create an impression of a wallcovering that is in constant movement.  This appearance of movement gives a real sense energy and life to every space adorned by this pattern.

Masquerade, like all Arte collections, owes its creation to countless hours of effort and inspiration by an experienced group of designers.  Following the maxim that Arte wallcoverings must be innovative and trendsetting, the final design can often take over a year to make it off the drawing board.When creating a new product, these master designers place as much importance on the form as on the function of these wallcovering collections.  This dedication to high quality takes a great deal of time to be realized, and the results are simply stunning.

Founded in 1981, Arte wallcoverings adorn the walls of both residential homes and project interiors in over 80 countries worldwide.  Arte is a dedicated believer in offering quality sustainable products, with all in-house designs manufactured through environmentally friendly processes.



Written By: Guy Paynter

Client: Private Residence, Calgary, AB

Product: Arte Wallcoverings, Masquerade Uni 48103

Wallcovering Installation: Drop Wallcoverings

Contractor: Triangle Enterprises Ltd.

Interior Design Firm: Cridland Associates

Photography: Lindsay Nichols Photography